Error driver on start

Hi guys,

I have install W10 ARM on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with WoA Installer, with this procedure . The Raspberry start correctly and the preparation of Windows too. But when Win sarted, I have an error DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS.

Some of you know how fix this issue ?

build 17763
Core Package 1.4
WoA Installer

Edit: Works better with the build 17134


Please be sure that you have adequate power. USB can be disruptive if things are marginal. Best way to proceed is a powered external hub; plug your USB devices in downstream. Once you’ve got a stable system and have a feeling for how things should work, experiment with eliminating the hub.

Additionally, you may want to start without any devices plugged in. It shouldn’t be that way, but some others have had success with that method. You just plug in your keyboard/mouse after you’re in the setup.

Hi guys,

Even without any devices plugged I had the problem. But not with the build 17134. It’s works fine.

I think it’s the build 17763 the problem :smiley:


I haven’t tested 17763 on an SD card yet, but it works perfectly on an SSD. You may want to try it with an SSD and use starttype=0 on the inf.