Drive Selection is empty

I tried selecting the WIM before the drive, just to see what would happen and the app crashed with a System.InvalidOperationException

OS: Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit.

Have ya tried windows 7 backup with win10 drivers?Jk,not sure on this error though.Might be a hick up,maybe not.I have had this same error,when trying to get window7 running on my Pi

Both these tools require Windows 10 i beleive, atleast WoR does. You can’t do this with 7 in both ways:

  • You can’t install 7 on the Pi, it doesn’t have an ARM version AFAIK
  • You can’t install 10 on the Pi using WoR/WoA without Windows 10 on the device it is running on.

I believe there is an ARM 64 version of windows 7 embedded, but I don’t think anyone would want to use it as a desktop, plus it would be extremely hard to obtain

found it.I will post about what happens