Could we get touchscreen working?

I got out my 7inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen and put Windows 10 Pro build 18348 and installed the cleanup script and it’s running fine, though the resolution is pretty low so it doesn’t look great.

Is their any way to get the touchscreen working?


  • enabling that GPIO setting thing in the UEFI
  • using the SCL and SDA pins to manually use touch support

Nothing has worked. Any ideas?

EDIT: this is NOT a USB touchscreen, that was brought up one time a little while ago.

I believe that the screen would need drivers written for it before anything would work (other than display)

I would assume that too for use of the display normally, but the screen has included pins for touch on OSs that don’t support using the normal DISPLAY pins for touch, so it could be possible if we can get certain pins of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO and a program could get the SCL and SDA pin voltages and at least move the mouse to said place, we would be done. Has anyone got a program that can read these pins? I know about the RPi python libraries but those wouln’t work in Win10 AFAIK.

I think if you can figure out how those pins are supposed to communicate then it wouldn’t be very difficult to write a driver. Moving the mouse cursor is pretty simple, same with clicking

Even though the DSI port is standardized on the Pi, the screen always requires custom drivers to run. According to the RPF, if you found a display with a DSI cable in an old smartphone, it would not work on the Pi.

The only thing that actually supports the touchscreen is the Pi’s GPU Drivers. These drivers may also be closed-source, because Broadcom requires that the drivers remain closed. Eric Anholt might have an open-source compatible display driver, but again, that’s only for Raspbian.

Probability of Happening: Getting HW accelerated desktop is easier than this. At least with the HW-acceleration we have a barely-functional driver. This has nothing compatible.

Do you have a link to the screen? and bought from element14 (i think, it was a gift)

Ouch $60 for a 800 x 480 touchscreen?
That’s got to be a HUGE markup

Is there any development about touch screen?

Somebody got a touch screen to work, I think, somewhere here.