Copy of cd card

Can anyone send in this topic copy of his sd card. i just want install it but i dont had win10

What are you asking for?
someone to make an image of their sd card for you?
Just make your own, it isn’t too hard and there are many tutorials and tools that make it pretty simple

i dont had win 10. its my problem but woa or wor dont run on win 8.1.
Dism version 6.3 but dont can upgrade to 10.3.
its very bad but i work with dism and now i run ver 10.3

You can use the alternative on wor, which is faster anyways and what I always pick
Use mbr for the formatting and switch it off of dism to the other option. (I forgot what it’s called, bit you’ll see these settings right at the end)

When i install using woa i have got interactive uefi shell and no windows

Oh, press escape when it’s booting into the uefi and then you can change the boot to the SD card

i press boot from sd

and nothing
why pi bully me whyyyyyy(

Could you send some pictures of what you’re doing and of what’s going on? Thanks :slight_smile:

Okay basically when you boot into the uefi shell, type “exit” into it (Without quotes) and then hit enter. After that, use the arrow keys to move down till you get to “Boot Manager Settings” and then hit enter, then use arrow keys to get to “Boot Order” then use the hints at the bottom of the screen so you can MOVE the SD card Up. if you still need help, Novaspirit Tech on youtube did a complete tutorial on how to do it.

P.S. it will be very slow until you up the clock speed, go into Raspberry Pi Configuration and set the CPU thing to Max

EDIT: It’s much easier for both of us if you just followed a gude (on YouTube) as normally they are the easiest.

Thanks for bringing this up. Please don’t share images as there’s a lot of licensed software here. It’s pretty easy to download using the instructions, though you must be meticulous.