Can we work with this WiFi?

The following is an email I received back from support on my dongle that came in the mail today. I’ve tried the drivers they sent, but they don’t seem to be compatible right now. They were designed for IoT, but it may be something that we can work with. I’m just not sure… here is the email:

|### EDiMAX via|5:59 PM (23 minutes ago)||

to me


Hi Anthony Talerico,


Here’s the Win10 IoT driver download link for your reference.

You may want to give it a try. It is intended for RPi2 because RPi3/3B has an 11N Wi-Fi adapter built-in. You really don’t need to use any addon adapter. Thanks!

Nope, that’s ARM32, unfortunately. Ask them if they have anything that works with Snapdragon ARM64. That will work for us.

I just sent out another email. I’ll update as soon as I have a reply. Hopefully they can work something out!

I haven’t received a reply, but I know that their Linux version works with the RPi 3. Again, we’d still have to spend time building something for that though so no point I suppose.

I looked inf file of IOT version and seems that driver is generic for most realtek based wlan adapters. It will be nice if they could compile this driver for arm64.

Unfortunately they have no driver. That’s a no-go. I just got my response.