Can the Pi 4 run Win 10 ARM

I am realy hoping the answer is yes, but can I do it yet? If not, what has to be done before that can happen?

I apologize if this has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find any posts.

Can’t find posts? Did you even look?

@5ft24dave Don’t be mean, especially newcomers into in pi64 community. He might have overlooked the post multiple times.

@Draconicwraith As @5ft24dave said, there was a post about this already. Also, if you go to the contact page on their official website,, It does say Windows On Arm is not available for the raspberry pi 4, and there is no ETA. Anyways, I did read the forum @5ft24dave said, and it said that they have gotten it to work. But since it is very slow due to incompatibility issues, they have not released it to the public. I hope this answers you question.

I just went back to that thread, and nothing says they have gotten it to work on the pi4 yet.
Someone posted instructions on creating a VM and running it, but that isn’t what anyone here is asking.
I wasn’t being “mean”. Before I logged in, the forum list had that thread as the first one, no search even needed…