Can i change the clock speed from 0.60 ghz

why is the clock speed set to 600 mhz why not default 1200 mhz

You must hit ESC while booting, then navigate to Raspberry Pi Configuration, then Processor > Speed and set it to Max.

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oh ok thanks didnt know

is there a reason that its not set to that at default

AFAIK: Mainly because we aren’t copying over any configuration files in the Core Package, and the Max setting is disabled by default in the UEFI firmware because, unless you have a strong enough power supply, it can cause an immense power draw when running Windows.

After fixing your speed,you can change the config.txt for overclock and usb current.You can edit it in windows itself while running

Sorry to bump up an old thread but I have the pi 3b+ if I boost the clock speed to 1.4 Ghz, what should I change in the config.txt?

add this one lines above

or update UEFI to the latest by replacing files on boot partition.

Btw. the Boot Raspberry Pi Config CPU option apparently doesn’t work with the (current) 2.0.0 Beta version. When I do this on my RPi3 it’ll stop booting and gets stuck with a green cursor in the top left, not even the USB hub gets activated cause my wireless Keyboard keeps blinking that it has no connection. Weird.

Will try the above mentioned new files tho and the config entry, maybe that fixes it.