Bluescreen Error on RPI4

Since, I had try for UEFI boot is ok.
Thank you Someone in this community here, it 's working fine.
But I 've stuck with error 0xc00000e after booting to window 10 (Blue Screen Error)
Version 17134.191.180713
Version 19577.1000.200228
Version 18362.1.190318-120219H1
Version 17134.191 -->OOBE ffu
Version 19592.1001.200321
My card which I had is microSD --> 64 Kingston
—> 32 Kinston
—> 32 Sandisk
—> OTG had already but not work
USB 2.0 of RPI working Great Thank you that GUY again
So any recommended Window 10 .iso or something due to I try for deploy this severe time but stuck with boot to Blue screen again and again.
Program I deploy was WoA, WoR, ethcher, RPI imager and ETC. Still stuck.
Thank you again.