Backup image from a Raspberry pi 3b+

I am searching in the internet for a Backup image from a win 10 installation ,because by me writing on sd takes 4 hours and installing.I would be happy if someone uploads a copy of his sd-card .So i can use Woa.

Suprisingly, I still get emails about this forum :confused:
There are a few premade images but our forum rules don’t allow us to send them due to piracy etc. the last time I checked.
Thank you

Is there any otherway

There was a way to use ffu images with Win 10 IOT Dashboard, but i don’t think it still works.

You can find FFU images here:

is there any way to get more ffu image ,because installing is very fast.

DISM.exe /capture-ffu /imagefile=e:\WinOEM.ffu /capturedrive=\.\PhysicalDrive0 /name:disk0 /description:“Windows 10 FFU”
Is it the right way to create a ffu image