ARM64 vs. Intel

Interesting results here on a benchmark I just did with the new unofficial build of ffmpeg.exe

  • Running the ARM64 version on Snapdragon 850 @ 2.96 GHz was about an 8th quicker compared to running the x64 version on an i5-2400 @ 3.10 GHz.
  • Running the ARM64 version natively was at least 11 times quicker compared to running the x86 version on the same hardware!
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I wish there was an ARM64 version of Visual Studio. Or Rider!

I’d just take a AMD64 Visual Studio!

AMD64 apps are not currently supported by WoA.

Incidentally, I got QEMU to work in software simulation mode - but you’d be waiting around all day for an AMD64 Windows 10 to even get to the desktop! I gave up before the Windows 7 Starter logo even appeared. I don’t think MS can pull this off - their x86 emu is barely practical.

I meant for AMD64, not WoA :slight_smile: