About the serial Port

According the information of the device under windows 10, it seems that the serial port COM1 is linked to the BCM2837 mini UART (UART1) of the Raspberry pi 3 which is the standard use of the serial port.
The probleme with the PI3, is that this mini UART is not very efficient but basical (no DCD, DSR, DTS signals …) and there is another one more complete PL011 (UART0) but which is linked to the bluetooth system.

More informations here : https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/uart.md

Under Raspbian, we can use the PL011 instead of the mini UART by changing the config.txt
and adding dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt
and in cmdline.txt by deleting console=serial0,1115200

I would like to know if something is possible, if we can manage it as easily under raspbian and to change it under Windows on Arm for Pi ?
To use a complete UART could be very interesting, does anyone has tested the basic mini UART on Windows, and is this OK for a normal use ?
One more question, is the serial driver PI_Miniuart.sys able to manage this possible change or too much linked to the hardware (mini UART)?

As far as I know the PL011 UART driver from IoT Core doesn’t work on Windows 10 ARM64. It is exclusively used by the BT driver and doesn’t show up as a COM port.

The mini UART works just fine.

Ok thank you for the answer, in the curent status page, i’ve found this :

PL011 UART SerPL011.sys Not working (UEFI / ATF issues? The driver works with MSFT’s UEFI)

So i have to work with the mini UART and to adapt my software to have better results.