WOA KVM virtual machine on Raspberry Pi - OR ANY SBC OR ARM MOBILE DEVICE!

I cannot stress the importance of this achievement that was made possible through tons of research, experience, and special fork of Qemu by a guy named driver1998!

First time EVER at the desktop with KVM!!! :smiley: Only 13 core services running with only 600 MB of RAM on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+! The local policy editor did not work properly under software simulation mode, but under KVM everything seems flawless without any crashes so far! Well done to @driver1998 for finding a workaround to the KVM issue and forking Qemu. So I can now go out and buy Samsung S8 to replace my laptop. It’s taken me 10 months to finally get to this stage:

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What use does this have vs just installing Windows?

Well, what use is there to run Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi at all we might ask compared to a desktop or laptop? I would argue:

  1. The Pi is cheap and compact like most other SBCs
  2. It requires low power to sustain (5V,2A = about 10 watts)

Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi - limited to 1GB of RAM - is the only ARM-based SBC that has UEFI + ARM64 drivers available, so we cannot run Windows 10 on Rock chip based boards, etc. And the ultimate SBC device is a phone!

Smartphones have already replaced your wired phone, hifi/mp3 players and camera as an all-in-one device - and now they could replace your laptop/desktop too! The only thing stopping Windows 10 from running on a phone was the lack of an Intel chip on all but a couple of low spec models that were only capable of running Windows 7 starter. And all the ARM-based smartphones require KVM acceleration to run at near-native speeds; the latter only achievable recently.

So the answer is:

  1. Run Windows 10 on ANY SBC - not just the Raspberry Pi - without any problems with drivers (we have the VirtIO drivers for Linux-based virtual machines)
  2. Run Windows 10 on any Smartphone with a KVM-enabled kernel and with additional RAM
  3. Most phones are low-powered and compact too like SBCs.

Well, that is cool, but ARM based systems are far from replacing my PC, they just don’t have the performance yet, I’m still interested in where this tech goes though

Also, don’t you mean SOC’s not SBC’s?

I mean Single Board Computers (SBCs) using ARM processors, like:
RockPro64 or NanoPC-T4 C

Some Smartphones are already past the 2.6 GHz range and have RAM comparable to laptops!

Providing you don’t require gaming you could run your entire Windows 10 setup using solar panels! And enterprise businesses could save a lot of money on cheap workstations.

Oh, I likely should have realized that’s what you meant by SBC’s
And unfortunately, I do require gaming. Even if I didn’t I’m a heavy user of my PC and often use things like virtualization so, for now, it’s not enough power
Running an entire system off solar would be neat though :grin:

I beg to differ.You can run win10 on any arm device,just because you don’t know how to does not mean it’s not possible.Are you not coding yourself?If you don’t,then I understand your doubt.But it can be done.I just ordered a rock and will post my results within a week.If I’m wrong,I will gladly eat crow. I don’t personally have a rockchip board in my hands at the moment,but I promise to have one within the week.We shall try my friend.I think if you have one,try to compile from source code.If you think your able to.If not leave it to me and I will give it my best,just for you.Please don’t take offense,we are all friends here!

gentoo-on-rpi-64bit is opening up the possibility of WoA KVM.
Looked for a WoA docker image to run on a RPi4B-4GB and ,apparently , there is none available .
Is it possible to run a WoA KVM in the light of this, https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/all/2019/03/11/windows_10_on_kvm/

Copied from the top screen shot, error:

Have posted a guide here:

Hey buddy been a while.So check this out its the arm that replace everything.AMD has already stated that they will be offering arm based desktop that smokes Intels x64 processors by leaps and bounds.All ready done it with a laptop they offer.

How is the performance?

The performance is very good - better than Pi3 native - just no graphics acceleration yet.

Interesting! Good to hear! :slight_smile:

Does the kvm works on 3b+

Yeah KVM does work on 3b+, but there’s only 1GB of RAM in total.