Windows 10 on Pi 4 Installation Guide

Hello! I’m @Comstepr#0001 on Discord and this is an installation guide on how to install Windows 10 on Pi 4.

Before you get started, ensure you backup all data on the storage device (whether it be SD card, USB device) you are doing this on. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong by following my installation guide.

Firstly, join the Raspberry Pi Stuff Discord. It contains updated versions of things that you can download from this thread.
Discord join code: MKhZhqQ
However, you can continue with the tutorial without joining the Discord, however some downloads may be outdated.


  • SD card more than 8GB of space or a USB hard drive
  • Download the ISO from the Discord mentioned above or use this:

  • Download the 3GB RAM fix

  • Latest pre-release of WoR

If you are in the Discord, download updated ISOs in #downloads

To use a USB hard drive, check a YouTube tutorial from ExplainingComputers. Skip to 12:57

  1. Extract the WoR Zip file.
  2. Open WoR.exe as an administrator.
  3. Select your language and press Next.
  4. Select “Raspberry Pi 4” and select the SD card/USB hard drive you are doing this on. Ensure that you have backed up everything on the storage device as it will be deleted.
  5. Select the ISO you downloaded. Click Next.
  6. For drivers, use the latest package available on the server. Click Next.
  7. Extract 3_Gig_Fix.rar.
  8. Go back to WoR and select “Use a firmware stored…”. Select “Optional Uefi Firmware 1.17 Dev” and click Next.
  9. I’ll be using MBR and Windows Imaging.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Ensure that you have configured everything correctly. Click Install once confirmed.
  12. Once WoR has completed the installation, open a Command Prompt as administrator.
  13. Navigate to 3_Gig_Fix folder as it contains winpatch.exe.
  14. Use this command but replace F:\ with the drive letter of the Pi 4’s Windows partition.

winpatch F:\Windows\System32\drivers\USBXHCI.SYS 910063E8370000EA 910063E8360000EA 3700010AD5033F9F 3600010AD5033F9F

  1. Use this command but replace Y:\ with the drive letter of the Pi 4’s Boot partition.

bcdedit /store Y:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD /set {default} truncatememory 3221225472

  1. Once completed all steps, safely remove the USB drive/SD card (by ejecting it on Windows).
  2. Attach the USB drive or SD card into your Pi 4.
  3. Attach all the peripherals and USB devices you will be using on the Raspberry Pi 4. As soon as the Pi 4 boots up, you should not plug in/unplug USB devices.
  4. Turn on the Pi 4 and continue with the installation process.

Some things to note
Do not use a USB-C adapter

Credits to System64#6166 on Discord for assisting a lot with this.

Thank you!

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Is there a way to get connected to the internet?

Managed to get internet connection using phone.

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For everyone else trying to get the Download link:

Please join the Discord as the links are there.


Is anyone get a working onboard genet ethernet with the new uefi fw? Mine is not working,what i did wrong? I see there is support for genet in the firmware already…i created theimage with wor,and let wor download the images from server. What wrong there?

Hi can you post or send a link of discord?? thanks