Windows 10 Lite for Rpi3 and Lumia 950XL (WIP!)

Wonderful initiative! I hope it becomes a reality!

I always liked NTLite and NLite but never really had a use for it. This is a great idea! Awesome! I think what you’ve got there is pretty good.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

It’s looking quite promising at the moment, as I got the Windows updates to pre-inject - more successful than a post-PowerShell ARM injection:

The following updates were not actually needed and were breaking the system:
2019-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for ARM64-based Systems (KB4517211) - listed in a different category compared to KB4517389
2019-10 Servicing Stack Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for ARM64-based Systems (KB4521863)
Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus KB2267602 - no longer detected when Windows Defender is removed.

NTLite has only recently begun supporting WOA - yet is able to completely remove the Security Center component - and a whole lot more:

Very good idea! Please keep me updated :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve stripped out well over 200 components so far… it’s amazing how quick “Getting Devices Ready” and OOBE completes after initial deployment - once stripped down!

I think I will plan to release the lightest possible image first before adding back key components for subsequent releases/uploads.

Using the full version of NTLite I am currently working on these 3 sections ensuring Windows 10 is still stable before moving onto the remainder - not yet even halfway:

So far everything has been stripped out except for:

  • MobilePC - Network Projection + Sensors + Location notifications (Touchscreen based; could affect Lumia so need to test)
  • On-Screen Keyboard (Tablet PC) - Lumia
  • Servicing Stack - needed to inject drivers with DISM
  • Action Center - need to test if it’s actually necessary for Wifi and stuff (mainly with Lumia in mind again)
  • MS Paint - deal breaker I know!
  • OneDrive and Bitlocker for now - thinnest image won’t have them
  • RDP

It’s a constant trial and error process, and I’ve kind of developed a template for quality testing:

  • Start Menu works
  • Windows settings work
  • A selection of x86 apps work
  • Internet works
  • Google Chrome installs and can play Youtube
  • VLC (ARM) can play a video
  • RDP and sound works
  • Browse files from another PC - for now
  • OneDrive and Bitlocker - haven’t tested yet
  • Copying and pasting to Edge - might be a problem here or not

What else? I will be checking Office and PDF soon…

EDIT: solved the Edge copy and paste problem; Action Center only seems useful for switching between tablet mode - Lumia only. Am testing a few registry settings: increase mouse speed, enable RDP in remote settings and adjust for best performance - not to mention hidden files, file extensions, quick access = this pc, etc.

You stripped out RDP but RDP is working? How? :smiley:

RDP is intact - but it’s been causing a bit of a problem: when enabled via registry it doesn’t work (“an internal error has occurred”) - works only when manually selecting it from the Remote Settings menu. Strange. Maybe something to do with the firewall.

I had the same issues i switched to realvnc and had no problem since then, seems like RDP is some kind of broken with the ARM versions.

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It seems like store apps could benefit ARM users in some way:

  • Office: most apps probably run under 32-bit ARMv7 (since Windows RT) - except for Access (part of Office 365 x86 only).
  • Photo viewer/editor
  • Music player, such as Spotify
  • Ad-blockers for Edge

I will start with 2 versions of Windows 10 Lite for ARM64 and see where that leads:

  1. x86 edition: bare bones for use exclusively with x86 apps
  2. UWP edition: thinnest possible with most UWP apps working

That’s the challenge I’ve set myself. Obviously, there will need to be some compromise, so will be relying on testing and feedback. Regardless there is definitely a performance increase as more and more components are stripped out.

Good idea! :slight_smile: x86 edition would be pretty cool.

Are you working on the missing drivers for this version?

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to write drivers - but I’d love to learn it and would be all over the Pi graphics problem. With the Lumia 950 XL, on the other hand, we are in a very privileged position having a more well known graphics card complete with drivers and more CPU speed and RAM. With NTLite the Lumia is already on fire(!) - and I haven’t even begun to disable any services yet - including superfetch (NTLite cannot remove it). x86 Chrome is now actually running at a usable speed, which I never thought would be achievable! Incidentally, Office is no longer available from the store - but the installer is running as some kind of x86 hybrid and so far hasn’t stopped working like other UWP apps in terms of bare bones stripping so will be keeping an eye on it:

Looking forward to the release date / dowoload link

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Update: this took several days to troubleshoot, but here’s the bare minimum needed to protect the Lumia 950 XL mobile connection = Mobile section in Windows + “APN” for automatically connecting to the SIM network:

Update: Below is a Device Manager comparison.

Still a long way to go… Incidentally, this setting is needed for OneDrive Sync Status icons:

So far the Windows Store AND Cortana have both been completely stripped away prior to installation - previously unachievable in 1903 using any post-deployment methods alone:

And this is only the beginning! At this rate we might end up getting the RAM usage down to about 10%! :slight_smile:

Update: WOA Light version 1 is almost ready - just working on which services can be disabled.


Update: Edge not connecting to the Internet took me a couple of weeks to solve, so not too much longer now… the Rpi preset is much more lite compared to the Lumia.

Here’s how it’s looking right now - takes up only 6 GB of space instead of 13 GB (minus apps) - so just a few more bug fixes, optimizations and finishing touches before I upload the 2 GB WIM file for the X86 Edition of WOALITE:

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This is looking very promising and hope to see a release just in time for “Presentmas”. :wink: If you want any further testing done, I have a Pi 4 4Gb and am very experienced with Windows 10/Server and “Lite” versions in particular.

Version 1.0 is now released - WOALite released for Raspberry Pi!

Would appreciated any testing/feedback/bugs. Still more work to do on the project to make it even leaner - though is very time consuming - and different users have different preferences.