Status of the ARM64 device drivers (as of 12 Feb. 2019)

The following registry hack is needed if you needs GPIO access.

DWORD ForceEnable=1

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And how do we use the GPIO ? is there an app?

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If you need to decompile something use ghidra by the NSA. Nice little tool and it has a lot of different de compilers.

Any update on the drivers as if now
I may have found a wifi driver:
Anyway to convert x86 or x64 driver to ARM64 with ease? Can’t you use windows iot drivers because isn’t ARM32 drivers backwards-compatible with ARM64?

Any progress in the WIFI or the Bluetooth drivers, please tell me yes.

Hi, I am pretty new here :slight_smile:

It’s October

I wonder how the status is… according to the Wifi ARM64 drivers for windows On Arm. Are they waiting for the drivers from the Pi 4 or does no one will take any effort to re-build them? for example Visual Studio could do the work. Unfortunately i am not a programmer, but yes I would like wifi onboard to work. It is on the pi so it should work. :slight_smile:

For now it is comparable if you E.G. buy a brand new car with all the newest functions, but you cannot steer because the steer is not properly connected… or a tyre is missing and they cannot order new ones anymore… :slight_smile:

No support for WiFi just Ethernet
No support for 4b just kvm works

When you get the chipset manufacturers to give you all their proprietary info for writing a driver, and Microsoft gives you the proprietary source code to Windows on ARM, then you write the driver for all of us.

BCM43438 Wireless LAN

That is the chipset if i am not mistaking

The updated status can be found here: