RPi3 Windows device drivers released so far and their function?

Can anyone describe what each of the drivers is responsible for exactly…?

bcm2836pwm = BCM2836 PWM Controller Driver
bcm2836sdhc = Broadcom 2836 Arasan SD Host Controller
bcmauxspi = Broadcom AUXSPI Controller Driver
bcmgpio = BCM2836 GPIO Controller Driver
bcmi2c = Broadcom I2C Controller Driver
bcmspi = Broadcom SPI Controller Driver
lan7800-arm64-n650f = LAN7800 USB 3.0 to Ethernet 10/100/1000 Adapter
lan9500-arm64-n650f = LAN9500 USB 2.0 to Ethernet 10/100 Adapter arm64 Driver
mcci_dwchsotg = MCCI DWCHSOTG USB Host Controller (Non-Commercial)
mcci_dwchsotg = MCCI DWCHSOTG USB Root Hub (Non-Commercial)
pi_miniuart = BCM283x Mini UART Serial Driver
rpiq = RPIQ Driver
rpisdhc = RaspberryPi SD2.0 Host Controller
rpiwav = Raspberry Pi 3 audio - audio driver
SerPL011 = ARM PL011 UART Device Driver
vchiq = VCHIQ Driver