Raspberry Pi 4B

I have the 4Gb model sitting waiting to try once there’s something to test.

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Same here - haven’t even tested my Pi4 yet till there’s at least a 64-bit distro available.

They’ve actually just unlocked the limiter on the CPU, and it can now be pushed from the previous max of 1750mhz to a full 2000mhz…!
Yep. The Pi 4 is now 2Ghz capable with active cooling. This could be interesting…!

Here a Pi4B is running at 600MHz !

After a remote GUI login etc. the same Pi4B is now at 1.5GHz as expected.

Mine will run fine locked to 1750mhz as I have the Fanshim from Pimoroni on it. Just about to try the 2Ghz push/!

Is there a WoA installer for Pi4B yet?

No ,they are no 64 bit uefi for pi 4 because other boot way


Just wondering has anyone had any progress with this?

+1 any update on this?

Can anyone comment on what this means for windows 10 /pi 4?

Early UEFI support for the Pi 4. It can’t boot Windows yet.

You guys could try a near-native speed virtualized Windows 10 guest on the Pi4 ahead of waiting for the bare metal project to be updated?

I replied to the post asking for a follow up. Thanks for telling us about this guide!

FYI: Have now posted a follow up guide:

Will we still have a problem with usb?

No problem with USB, and now network access is available too:

THats a vm, i mean if it recognizes the usb chip and it installs drivers or drivers avalable in the web

is the rpi4 recovery.bin only a datafile, only to fix the bootloader or is there any code inside executed after loading (like code to flash the eprom)?

if recoverybin includes code for runtime … than it could be used as alternate boot option