MCCI USB driver status 2019-02-11

I’ll be curious to see what release engineering says on this. Really hoping everything works out!

Here’s this morning’s status:

  • signabilty & build problems solved
  • release-candidate drivers built; then we got stuck getting the drivers to Andrei for testing, due to the usual “dangerous attachment” thing.
  • figured out the release strategy; MCCI will post a install .exe file that puts the files on your system after asking you to click-through the license agreement.

I’ve traveling in California, got a trade show tomorrow (LoRa Alliance meeting in San Diego), so it may be that it still takes a few more days to get all this wrapped up…

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That is great news! So what does that mean as far as testing goes? Is this a matter of Andrei testing it and giving the it green light for it to be posted by MCCI?

So what does that mean as far as testing goes? Is this a matter of Andrei testing it and giving the it green light for it to be posted by MCCI?

More or less. Andrei may also be able to tell Chris how to test at MCCI - we have a Pi, but only with WinPE installed, and Chris is not familiar with how to set up drivers on PE yet. It will get easier as we go along, I suspect.

I’m not traveling this week. I’d drive down to Ithaca at any point if you guys need anything, but I’m assuming you have it covered. Thank you for the update!

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Dangerous Attachment is only a problem with the actual code or just the file?

Attachment problem was email filters that don’t like INF files. Chris sent it via Dropbox. I didn’t hear test results yesterday.

So release in 1 month?

Earlier than that, we hope. It’s almost ready.

Very nice. We’ll dangerous attachment shouldn’t be an issue anyway if it’s posted as an exe. Any hope of having it tonight?

Will the drivers be out by tomorrow? I want to present it with internet and good USB drivers to a couple of people

I’d love to say yes, but I’ve been on an airplane all day and I’ve had no feedback. I have asked for status. Sorry! Now I’m going to a meeting. In fact, what is being tested are release-candidate drivers. If they work, well do (and sign) a final build, then integrate with the license. I think it is unlikely that we’l have all this done tomorrow, unless I just haven’t been getting emails from the team for some reason.

So like monday? Or later?

Without status, it’s hard to tell. I’m eager, too; but it’s a volunteer effort; a little patience is needed. I get home Friday night and I may be able to test myself in Ithaca. But it would be best if Andrei tests. If we had one proof of “it works”, then I’d be less cautious, but the process is new, things are signed differently (both compared to how I signed in Boston, and compared to what MCCI release engineering has done before). It doesn’t seem prudent to skip a step.

Not a problem at all. I just wanted to see if it might be ready. I understand that testing in this environment can take some time. The result will be rewarding!

Any email from the TEAM?

Any email from the TEAM?

I heard this morning that Andrei has the drivers and will try to test today.

Today is over… isn’t it?