MCCI USB driver status 2019-02-11

Latest news: the INF file generation system is fixed, and doesn’t make that mistake any more when creating the INFs. As I couldn’t repro the InfVerif failure on my machine, we’ll have to wait for release engineering to take a look at the problem. (This kind of tool problem is why we’re so careful about having release engineering build drivers from version control, rather than having the developer build them. Happens a lot when building drivers, for some reason.)

I’ve created the release brand. Self-review is not ideal, but I’ve reviewed it and it’s acceptable. Passed link to release engineering. Updated status.

I’m assuming it probably wont happen tonight, but any hope of having this out tomorrow or Monday if all goes well with engineering? (Sorry for the repost - accidentally deleted the first one)

Not likely tomorrow. Probably early next week. Unluckily, I’m on business travel
most of next week, so if there are problems it will be difficult fixing. We’ll do our best!

Sounds good. I’ll just await the final post. I hate to say it again because it’s probably been in every post, but thank you so much. This is really what we need for this project.

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If the USB drivers work perfectly, will Ethernet work?
And thanks for the time and effort @tmm

They worked on the Win10 Core IoT build. I suspect that it will work fine. We tested a couple of in-box drivers with WinPE in January, and they worked well. The SMSC/Microchip driver isn’t in box, and we didn’t have a chance to test, but it would be surprising if they didn’t work, given that ASIX and Realtek-based USB-Ethernet adapters did work for us, at least in light testing.

If I plugged a USB WiFi dongle thingy into the Raspberry Pi, would your driver detect it?
If it could that would be amazing! @tmm

It depends on whether there are built-in drivers in Windows, or ARM64 drivers from the vendor. If so, it should work. If not, then need to try to convince the vendor to release suitable drivers.

In the testing we did with the 32-bit driver, the only things that were still problematic were webcam drivers, because it was very hard to debug high-bandwidth isochronous on Win10 IOT, due to lack of drivers and apps. It should be relatively easy to resolve problems on real Windows. But we will have to see.

I’ll be curious to see what release engineering says on this. Really hoping everything works out!

Here’s this morning’s status:

  • signabilty & build problems solved
  • release-candidate drivers built; then we got stuck getting the drivers to Andrei for testing, due to the usual “dangerous attachment” thing.
  • figured out the release strategy; MCCI will post a install .exe file that puts the files on your system after asking you to click-through the license agreement.

I’ve traveling in California, got a trade show tomorrow (LoRa Alliance meeting in San Diego), so it may be that it still takes a few more days to get all this wrapped up…

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That is great news! So what does that mean as far as testing goes? Is this a matter of Andrei testing it and giving the it green light for it to be posted by MCCI?

So what does that mean as far as testing goes? Is this a matter of Andrei testing it and giving the it green light for it to be posted by MCCI?

More or less. Andrei may also be able to tell Chris how to test at MCCI - we have a Pi, but only with WinPE installed, and Chris is not familiar with how to set up drivers on PE yet. It will get easier as we go along, I suspect.

I’m not traveling this week. I’d drive down to Ithaca at any point if you guys need anything, but I’m assuming you have it covered. Thank you for the update!

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Dangerous Attachment is only a problem with the actual code or just the file?

Attachment problem was email filters that don’t like INF files. Chris sent it via Dropbox. I didn’t hear test results yesterday.

So release in 1 month?

Earlier than that, we hope. It’s almost ready.