Games on PI))))

I tested a game Heroes of might and magic 3, and … it work).
Maybe anyone said games, and i tested this.

I have a terabit of games on a ssd,all x86 emulators are working on 1809 build up to ps1 Forget n64.But everything under will work just fine.Now when it comes to Pc gaming,it’s a crap shoot.I can run all of the dooms,Terrordrome,dukenukem and the beloved 2160p quake 3.All is possible with the video drivers available on this site.I have even been able to run Killer Instinct mame32 without the hardware acceleration.Frame rate on mine is close to 30,but it dips,and is all over the place.Without a real video/audio hd driver,this will never be fun,only a curiosity.Android x86 apps will run,but the lag is horrible because it’s being emulated threw win10.You can run android x86 desktop and not have this issue.

Maybe new Fortnite on pi)?

Im installing it))))))

I have ported RetroArch to Windows ARM with some cores.

PS1 emulations is unplayable, but others works fine.

I also ported DOSBox-X to Windows ARM64!AueX0eo4NQeRhMxU5tIGnhzpEc2sOw

Wrong my friend.It might be unplayable on arch,but it plays on a standard 32bit emulator!the 64 is the limit

Its a real stretch there buddy,even on its lowest resolution its gonna struggle,try Counter Strike go or Half life mods,it struggles,but its playable

NEStopia (the emulator) works.

Thanks for porting those @driver1998
I’ve gone ahead and created a new page on the driver site for playing games on the PI which can be seen here. It’s not complete yet, so this is the only link to that page for now. I’ll keep building it out with games as people test them!

Fortnite is ver slow but running, with bugs and artefacts.

I have gotten Dolphin Emulator v4.0 32-bit to run a Wii game, although it is pretty much unplayable. This might be the first time a wii game has ever worked on an RPI.

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Sorry brother,wii wont ever run on this

@BluePuffin Dolphin seems to have Windows ARM64 support, maybe the native build would perform better.
But anyway, I won’t expect it to be any more playable ;).

Actually I am interested in building games and made two topics here about it.
1. Making games for Raspbian OS that will run on any Pi
2. Trying to install Windows 10 ARM / IoT on a Pi and make UWP games

So, this concerns making games if someone is interested.

openarena 0.8.8 - unplayable, even with configfile set to 320x200 windowed
but nice to see the demo “working” (around 1 fps)

bridgebuilder is working and playable

cinebench 11.5 (x32) is working
geekbench v4 (x32) is working
sisoft sandra … working

can I get minecraft on it??