BSOD on Deployment


Hello everyone.
I’m trying to install windows 10 arm64 on my raspberry pi 3b +.

At the moment I followed the following steps:

  1. I downloaded the Woa deployer from here
  2. I followed the instructions here
    to get the versions install.wim file
  • 19569.1000_arm64_it (yes, I’m Italian) this is the latest version available
  • 17763.1_arm64_en after the first one did not work
  1. I started the deployment but my pc went to BSOD with the error code PFN_LIST_CORRUPT

I’d like some help solving the problem.
First, what is the right version I should use for deployment?
Is the deployer I am using the correct one?
How come I get BSOD on my computer during deployment?

Some SD-to-microSD adapters are bad, and using this kind of adapter may cause accidental disconnection when writing data. This happened on my dad’s PC when I was trying to flash with WoA deployer. I solved that problem by holding adapter manually by fingers.

+1 same happened to me with a broken adapter.

+2 bad adapter I used a usb adapter